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We Tested Redlore’s Most Precise RTLS in the World, and Now We Can’t Look Back

In the vast world of real-time localization and monitoring, Redlore’s real-time location system emerges as a beacon of innovation, a technological symphony that harmonizes the physical and digital worlds. This complete platform is a wireless solution that integrates tags, anchors, and the IoT Engine, as they call their cloud software, to create an intuitive and highly efficient system for tracking and monitoring.

The RTLS Product Range Is Outstanding

Firstly, we find those small but powerful tags that can stick to objects or people, transforming them into nodes of information in real time. They track inventory, reusable packaging, equipment, employees and visitors, while also monitoring the condition of inventory and equipment. Each tag is an engineering marvel, equipped with temperature, shock, drop, and vibration sensors, and offers varying degrees of accuracy and battery life. For example, the Hi-Res type tag, based on ultra-wide band technology, boasts an impressive accuracy of up to 30 cm and more than 10 years of battery life. Person tags, like the Badge Tag, are designed for tracking people, fall detection and emergency calls, ensuring safety and accountability in every corner of your facility.

The anchors, installed all throughout the facility, can form a WIREPAS-based mesh network for the Std Res model, ensuring complete coverage with no blind spots. Completely wireless and easy to install, they reduce installation costs by a staggering 90%. Each anchor covers a generous area, ensuring that no tag goes unnoticed. For example, in the case of the Hi-Res type anchor it offers high and low-resolution tracking, with a battery life of more than 10 years, just like in the case of tags.

Finally, at the system’s core we find the Redlore’s IoT Engine that we mentioned in the intro, a cloud-based marvel that uses automatic learning and AI to convert raw data into valuable insights. You can insert data from anchors and tags, and it will be implemented using a very complex business logic, totally customized to each process, and will be fed with all the output data by another piece of software called RedBoard Control Tower. This app will display data and insights, as well as a full overview of the status of all assets, location registry, telemetric data and events, geofencing with events and customizable alerts.

And let’s not forget the app Mobile Scanner, which presents a friendly interface in the field, allowing it to identify our assets using a QR Code, check their attributes and conditions, turn on a buzzer in a tag to find a lost asset, and pair tags with such assets.

What Have We Discovered in Redlore That We Like So Much?

Redlore is a Company with a passionate mission: to provide clarity on the location and condition of each physical object in the system. Its objective is to allow their clients to increase their productivity, and allow the staff to focus on jobs with higher added value. With their innovative technology, they work hard to improve logistics around the world.

Redlore is led by Niek Van Dierdonck, a CEO and technology entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in IoT and supply chains. Niek founded Redlore with the vision of reducing supply chain losses by including machine learning capabilities in small Internet of Things devices, so they could detect and prevent potentially damaging events.

The team is made up of experts in various areas, from business development to technology and finances. They all work in an exciting and fast-paced environment, where new ideas come to life on a weekly basis, and where their work has a direct impact on the success of the company.

Redlore values ​​diversity, and believes that teamwork, while applying your talents and enthusiasm, are the keys to achieve not only company goals, but also personal growth. Their culture is a combination of striving for the best of what is within us, while at the same time fostering a sense of fun every step of the way.

We Enjoyed the Power of UWB With a Forklift Tracking Demonstration

The Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology is a revolutionary innovation in the field of wireless communications, and it can have a significant impact on management and forklift tracking.

The UWB is known for its ability to provide extremely high real-time location accuracy, often down to centimeter level. This is especially useful in tracking forklifts in warehouse environments and manufacturers, where location accuracy is critical to efficiency and safety. With UWB, managers can track the exact location of a forklift in real time, which can help improve operational efficiency, reduce idle times, and prevent accidents.

Moreover, the UWB can transmit a high amount of data at short distances, which allows the real-time monitoring of the forklift’s condition. This can include information on the engine’s state, battery charge, temperature, and other critical parameters. This information can be used to program preventive maintenance, reduce failures and prolong the lifespan of the forklifts.

In summary, usage of the UWB technology has allowed us to discover a powerful and precise solution for the management and monitoring of forklifts, improving the efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of the warehouse and manufacturing operations.

The Conclusion: An Impressive Product Available Within Anybody’s Reach

With all this RTLS technology at our fingertips, and at an incredible price, we no longer need an outdated technology like RFID to achieve the same results. With mobile readers added to the coverage, with either WIREPAS or UWB we will have, in real-time, an amount of verified information that allows us to optimize protocols in any warehouse at levels that we have not yet seen.

In summary, Redlore’s RTLS platform that appears on their site redlore.com, is a testimony of technology’s power to speed up and improve our interactions with the physical world. It is a solution that not only satisfies the demands of the present, but also anticipates the needs of the future. It is a solution that promises to revolutionize the way in which we track and monitor things, bringing about never-before-seen levels of efficiency, accuracy and convenience.

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