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Mathisis Pilots

The Mathisis project brings a groundbreaking technological development, will undergo a rigorous series of testing phases divided into three parts: Driver Pilots, Assisted Pilots, and Real Life Pilots. Each of these phases serves a different purpose, refining the functionality of the system and assuring its robustness and effectiveness in diverse contexts such as Education, Industrial Training, and Career Guidance.

In the realm of Education, the Mathisis project will be tested within a network of approximately twenty schools scattered throughout Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The diverse student body participating in the piloting will encompass those with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD), learners within the autistic spectrum aged between 5 and 18 years, as well as learners from mainstream education within the age bracket of 5-14 years old. Each participant will be instrumental in using and assessing the potential and adaptability of the Mathisis project in each specific use case.

Next, within the scope of Career Guidance, a first series of pilots will be launched in the beautiful and ancient country of Greece. One Higher Education Institution and two Life Long Learning Centers will serve as the testing grounds. Participants, ranging from young adults starting their journey in tertiary education (16-25 years old), to mature learners (26-60 years old) seeking to refine their skills, will have the opportunity to utilize and test the Mathisis project’s efficacy in the management of their careers.

Industrial Training takes on a significant role as well, with dedicated pilots operating in the heart of France, guided by Idgeo, a company that specializes in professional training. The target group consists of employees aged between 25-40 years old, who will be instructed on how to utilize space data to facilitate the development of innovative products and services.

In terms of the timeline and methodology, the Driver Pilots are slated to commence between the 13th and 15th month of the project. This phase is marked by initial demonstrations of the system within relevant environments. On successful completion of this initial phase, the Mathisis project will see the release of the integrated prototype, tested rigorously in the Driver Pilots. In this phase, the Mathisis project will carefully scrutinize the usability and performance of all components, tools, and algorithms within the platform, tweaking and refining where necessary, based on the valuable feedback gathered. This critical process of review and improvement will lay a robust foundation for the second phase of the project.

The Assisted Pilots, set to occur during the 20th to 22nd months of the project, signify the onset of the third phase of the project. This is when the platform is ready to be validated and demonstrated under more realistic operating conditions. Here, the focus is on understanding and improving the user experience through the deployment of specific questionnaires. It is designed to evaluate the platform setup, its configuration for the real user, and the suitability of the services provided by Mathisis. Furthermore, a deep analysis and assessment of usability, user behavior, and impact creation are integral components of this stage. The Mathisis project will provide assistance during these pilots, guiding the onsite personnel in setting up and configuring the system.

The final stretch, Real Life Pilots, is slated to occur between the intermediate months of the project. Representing the final phase, these pilots will be handled directly by the people at the venues. Mathisis support will be limited to the provision of manuals and an email helpdesk, employing a virtual and minimal product delivery system. The Real Life Pilots phase represents the ultimate test of the system’s efficacy and its readiness for widespread adoption. The Mathisis project, by the end of this phase, is expected to stand on its own, functioning effectively with minimal oversight from the Mathisis project.

The Real Life Pilots phase provides a crucial real-world testing environment for the Mathisis project where the real users operate the system with only the aid of written manuals and a virtual helpdesk. The venues for these pilots become the final crucibles where the system proves its mettle, demonstrating its robustness and adaptability to the varying needs of users in real operational scenarios. Here, the success of the Mathisis project relies heavily on the ease of use, intuitive interface, and the efficiency of the platform as captured by the user’s experience.

This phase provides the Mathisis project with valuable data on system operation under everyday conditions, where system functionalities are exploited to their full extent. Observations from these pilots will be instrumental in determining the final modifications and improvements before the platform is fully ready for public release. The feedback gathered is expected to be insightful, painting a comprehensive picture of how the system performs when interacting with end users in their day-to-day life.

Therefore, the journey of the Mathisis project from its initial stages in Driver Pilots, where it is primarily supervised by the consortium, to the Real Life Pilots, where it stands independently, is a significant progression. Each phase plays an integral part in molding the system into a robust, effective and user-friendly tool. They collectively contribute to ensuring that Mathisis projec tis not only technically sound but also attuned to the real needs of its diverse users spanning Education, Industrial Training, and Career Guidance sectors.

Every stage of the Mathisis project’s development is marked by a continuous cycle of testing, feedback, and refinement, highlighting the dedication to excellence and user satisfaction. This stringent process ensures that, by its completion, Mathisis will be an exceptionally well-crafted system, one that is poised to revolutionize Education, Industrial Training, and Career Guidance as we know it.

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