EOPPEP is the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance, an all-encompassing body investing on better quality and more efficient & reliable lifelong learning services in Greece. Ιt operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, Education & Religious Affairs. Its activities include: Accreditation of learning outcomes acquired via non-formal & informal learning and certification of qualifications, Accreditation / Licensing of providers of non-formal education (Life Long Learning Centres (ΚDVM), Private Vocational Training Institutes (ΙΙΕΚ), Accreditation of Vocational Training & Certification of Vocational Training Institutes (IEK) graduates, Development and implementation of the Hellenic Qualifications Framework (NQF) etc Especially in Career Guidance EOPPEP is responsible among others for:

  • Setting the evaluation criteria and qualification requirements for the accreditation of career guidance counsellors
  • keeping a register of accredited career guidance counsellors
  • Training and up skilling of career guidance counsellors of the education and employment sector
  • Quality assurance - monitoring and evaluation of career guidance services
  • Coordination & cooperation of career guidance stakeholders
  • Development of career guidance tools for supporting citizens of every age in managing their careers
  • Improving the access of the citizens to career guidance services.
  • Upgrading and Development of the Career Guidance System in National Level

EOPPEP is the National Point for EQF (NCP), ECVET, EUROPASS, EQAVET, EUROGUIDANCE and ELGPN networks.