MaTHiSiS will be tested on three phases ((1) Driver Pilots, (2) Assisted pilots and (3) Real life pilots) in the diverse use cases such as Education, Industrial Training and Career Guidance.
In education, piloting will be carried out in approximately twenty (20) schools spread across Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Learners with PMLD and within the autistic spectrum (5 to 18 year old) and learners of mainstream education (5-14 years old), will use the MaTHiSiS system to evaluate its potential to each use case.
In Career Guidance, a first series of pilots will be organized in Greece, in one Higher Education Institution (participants 16-25 years old) and two Life Long Learning Centers (participants 26-60 years old), testing the MATHISIS platform on career management skills.
The Industrial Training Case pilots will run in France, by Idgeo a specialized professional training company. Employees (25-40 years old) will be trained on the use of space data for the development of new products and services.

  • Driver pilots will be held on month 13-15 of the project and demonstration of the system in relevant environments will take place. After the completion of the first phase of the project, according to the development methodology followed by Mathisis, the integrated prototype will be released and tested in the Driver pilots. The usability and the performance of all the components and tools of the MaTHiSiS platform will be evaluated in these Pilots. The results of the Driver Pilots will be the feedback for the second phase of the project. Based on the Driver pilots, new prototype will be developed, if needed, and components, tools and algorithms will be refined. These pilots will run under the total supervision of the MaTHiSiS consortium and the system will be configured and setup by MaTHiSiS technical partners.
  • Assisted Pilots will be held on month 20-22, during the third phase of the project, when the platform will be ready to be validated and demonstrated in more realistic operating conditions. Quality of experience of the whole process will be measured with the use of specific questionnaires, in order to evaluate the setup and the configuration for the real user and the suitability of the services provided by MaTHiSIS. At this stage, usability, user behaviour evaluation and impact creation will be analyzed and assessed. These pilots will run with assistance from the MaTHiSiS consortium. People at the venues will setup and configure the system under MaTHiSiS consortium physical guidance.
  • Real life Pilots will be held on month 30-32, approaching the end of the third phase, these pilots will run by people at the venues. MaTHiSiS will provide only manuals and an email helpdesk through a virtual and minimal product delivery system.