MaTHiSiS is a 3-year project aiming in creating a novel educational framework enabling the coupling of new technologies with formal, in-formal and non-formal education. At the very core of the developed technologies lie a number of high end requirements regarding non-linearity in education, ubiquity in system deployment, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration in education and last but not least seamless affect state recognition for cognitive learning gain acquisition. Affect state recognition builds upon existing technologies, brought to the needs of MaTHiSiS, which span over a very wide area of applicability and ranging from neuro-typical to people with special needs in both school and working environments. All the above will be tested and validated in 5 corresponding real-life pilots, throughout Europe, starting very early in the project to provide, as soon as possible, user feedback and steer the project in a user-enabled manner. Finally, due to the high interplay of ethical issues regarding infants and people with disabilities MaTHiSiS is creating and put to work a framework for impact assessment of these new technologies regarding the ethics and personal/sensitive data.