Learners (students, graduates, unemployed persons etc.) who are looking for an educational decision or an employment decision depending on their background have a number of challenges in accessing the labour market. There is a lack of automation concerning the process of gaining specific skills, such as creating a useful e-portfolio, building a good CV and attending in a job interview. The opportunities for any sort of independence can be very limited. The accurate assessment of the individual knowledge of skills and progress is extremely difficult to evidence, it can be seen as insignificant and can be difficult to inform future planning. Currently, counsellors relay on assessment systems which are open to interruption and the subjective view of those working and educating the learners. The rapid development in robotics and intelligent technologies gives us the opportunities to create new solutions to provide systems which remove this subjectivity and give us more meaningful and accurate assessments of these learners. Mathisis Project will be highly engaging and motivating for all learners. It will help to enhance the access for these very complex learners both physically and cognitively increasing their participation in career guidance. The opportunities for truly understanding their means of expression and communication will better inform educators so their levels of progress and achievement is accelerated. The learning processes of individuals will be intelligently informing the ongoing adaptation and design of the system to ensure progress is meaningful and working towards the positive lifelong outcomes for the individual. Creating this very learner specific ecosystem will give us the opportunity to create independence skills and meaningful activities within multiple learning platforms. The Mathisis Project will take these advances in technologies and provide a platform which ensures smooth career development and access to quality career information and guidance are inclusive to all learners, including those with the most challenging characteristics.