MaTHiSiS Hackathon Event

On this hackathon your challenge will be to integrate your existing serious game in an online e-learning platform called MaTHiSiS!
You can win a cash prize of £250 if you create the most engaging learning experience!
The event will take place on 9-10th March 2019 at Clifton Campus, Nottingham Trent University (UK). (Registration deadline: 1st March 2019)

MaTHiSiS pilots in UK!

MaTHiSiS pilots in UK

We are busy running pilots in our schools in the UK along this week! The school where we are currently piloting the platform in is located in South East of London. We have 10 young people working on the system twice a week. The pilots are going well and both teachers and students love working with the robots. Students are getting more engaged over the time and happily take part in our activities. The early results show that students are motivated by the use of technologies to access their learning content!

MaTHiSiS Real life pilots are running!

MaTHiSiS Real Life Pilots have started in October 2018! Our partner Fundazione Mondo Digitale is the leader of these activities. Our developers have been working hard all summer in order to produce new versions of the software and get everything ready for this launch. Now they are carrying out all the final tests in order to guarantee the best user experience.

Teachers have started to use the software and have started to use the designed learning graphs and are testing them by themselves with their pupils or trainees.