The Assisted Pilots procedure began in September 2017 with enhancement of the platform according the evaluation results of Driver Pilots outcome, leading to the refinement of components and system level technology consolidation. The enhanced version of the MaTHiSiS platform was tested during this phase with the different PAs first by the partners at their own premises.

The internal testing phase ended at mid-October and the piloting partners were able to test the system at the school venues in the second half of October in order to start running effective pilots in November 2017.

In this phase teachers and tutors ran the MaTHiSiS platform on their own but with the continuous assistance of the MaTHiSiS consortium.

The assisted pilots ran in November 2017 in 3 different countries (UK, Spain, Italy). These activities covered the full range of use cases of MaTHiSiS: Mainstream Education, PMLD, Autism Spectrum, Career Guidance and Industrial Training.

Read our third newsletter to get more detail on the Education scenarios (maintream education, PMLD, Austim). Future newsletter will provide information about the remaining cases. Stayed tuned!

Thursday, January 25, 2018