MaTHiSiS at IntelliSys 2017

MaTHiSiS will be present at the IEEE Technically Sponsored Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2017 conference that will take place in London, United Kingdom, from 7 to 8 September 2017.
Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2017 will focus on areas of intelligent systems and artificial intelligence (AI) and how it applies to the real world. IntelliSys is one of the best respected Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference.

MaTHiSiS at the Researchers’ Night 2016

CERTH showcased MaTHiSiS project during the Researchers Night event which took place at the Mediterranean Cosmos Mall, Thessaloniki, Greece on September 30th, 2016. An interactive stand at the most popular spot in the mall was setup and “Athena” the MaTHiSiS NAO robot welcomed children of all ages and challenged them to an intriguing playing experience.

OEB Conference, shaping the future of learning

OEB Conference in Berlin, a global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training.
Every year, OEB pushes boundaries, challenges preconceptions and catalyses new ideas – through innovations in the exhibition, interventions from participants and new forms of dialogue.

MaTHiSiS technical meeting

A MaTHiSiS technical meeting has been held in Toulouse on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th of October 2016 . Hosted by Diginext, during the meeting the consortium has had the opportunity to check project activities progress as well as to align the work developed by the different work packages with regards to the project objectives for next months.

MaTHiSiS at the FITCE congress

Our CERTH colleagues presented the MaTHiSiS project at the FITCE Europe Congress, which took place in Athens from 1-3 September 2016.
The title of Congress was “TOWARDS A SMART INTERCONNECTED SOCIETY” and there was a MaTHiSiS-dedicated booth where participants were able to be updated about the project achievements so far and meet Athena, our NAO robot.

Innovative Science Education Conference

The TTTNet Conference will take place in Verona, Italy on 7th and 8th October 2016 where MaTHiSiS will be presented by one of our consortium partners, Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
The agenda contains key-note speeches, workshops, presentations, discussions, all dedicated to innovation in science education in school context:

9th International Workshop on Social and Personal Computing for Web-Supported Learning Communities (SPeL 2016)

This workshop deals with current research on the interplay between collaboration and personalization issues for supporting intelligent learning environments. Its aim is to provide a forum for discussing new trends and initiatives in this area, including research about the planning, development, application, and evaluation of intelligent learning environments, where people can learn together in a personalized way through social interaction with other learners.

1st MaTHiSiS newsletter!

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First update from Newton!

Networked Labs for Training in Sciences and Technologies for Information and Communication
NEWTON will develop, integrate and disseminate innovative technology enhanced learning (TEL) methods and tools. NEWTON will build a pan-European learning network by interconnecting state of the art labs to support the fast dissemination of learning content to a wider audience.

NEWTON creates better learning outcomes by employing novel technologies to improve the learning process and deliver higher quality learning experiences.