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SIMO EDUCATION 2017 took place at Ifema - Feria de Madrid on the 25 to 27 October, where our colleagues from JCYL (General Directorate of Educational Innovation and Teacher Training) presented the MaTHiSiS project along with other education innovation projects during a special session at the Aula

Our colleagues from the University of Maastricht presented the paper titled as “Multimodal Fusion Based on Information Gain for Emotion Recognition in the Wild” during the IEEE Technically Sponsored Intelligent Systems Conference, which took place in London (United Kingdom) from 7 to

Do you want to tailor the learning experiences of your learners based on their needs, environment and on the technologies at your disposal? Moreover... Do you want to know how your learners react to this learning?

MaTHiSiS is an educational platform providing every type of learner, in every type of setting, on the device they have at their disposal, with a bespoke, individualised learning experience that is adapted to their personal requirements.

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MaTHiSiS aims to enhance learning opportunities and motivation for Mainstream learners. The focus is on neuro-typical children in primary and secondary school education experiencing the new national computing curriculum. MaTHiSiS will enable learners to experience programming in a variety of locations both within, and beyond, school. The innovation of learning graphs for adaptive and personalised learning will mean that MaTHiSiS can cope with a wide variety of student learning needs and abilities.

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Enhancing the learning opportunities and motivating autistic learners! MaTHiSiS design allows implementing educational strategies that can be personalised to the learner's current developmental and educational level and adapted to his/her peculiar needs.

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MATHISIS enhances learning opportunities for PMLD learners by capturing and correctly interpreting their unique communication. MATHISIS system provides a useful evidence of the learning progress and affective state that otherwise would be impossible to accurately assess.

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Employers of big industries nowadays need efficient training solutions in order to increase personnel productivity considering the globalization of market and the rapid technological advances. Those solutions should be cost and time efficient, targeting at both regular employees and employees with intellectual disabilities. MaTHiSiS system personalizes training to each employee’s role, level of skills and progress, providing automatic feedback of the learning process.

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Learners need management skills to create their plan personal career paths in today’s education or labour markets. One of the biggest challenges is developing and assessing these skills through an adaptive system. MaTHiSiS increases access and enhance learning opportunities for them!

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